Pinterest has become a highly useful tool for both large and small businesses, as well as individuals, to connect with things that are of interest to them and to drive sales within a fun and vibrant environment. While you enjoy the benefits that this medium offers, are you taking full advantage of the tips which make it simpler, safer to use and more fun?

In this article, we look at some of the less-known ways to make the most of your Pinterest experience.


Tip 1: Get Ideas for Great Pins through Trending Topics

Pinterest can be viewed as a search engine that helps its users to locate content that they are interested in using keywords. To make the most of this incredible tool, it is important to craft descriptions for your content that make it simple for it to be found, but avoid stuffing keywords or using forced and unnatural-sounding language.

One way to find what content to share on Pinterest is to click on the search bar’s drop down menu and choose ‘Popular.’ This should lead you to a page that shows you pins that are currently most popular.

At the top of this page, you will also find a banner that lists the trending interests at that time. Choosing one of the trending topics displays the most popular pins within each of the topics as well as a listing of related trending topics.

When you know what is trending on Pinterest, you can then choose the content to pin that should bring your website or blog the most traffic. For example, if you find that there is a lot of SEO content within the popular page or in one of the trending topics pages, it may be a great time to share SEO-related content which you can relate back your blog or business website. Every time you relate any of the trending topics to your blog, you become more discoverable by people searching for any of these terms.


Tip 2: Take Advantage of Seasonal Trends

Of all the things that people pin, a particularly favorite type is one that contains seasonal stuff including gift ideas, holiday recipes, decorating ideas and handicrafts. One easy way to help you plan ahead for these occasions is by keeping a yearly editorial calendar. This allows you to write posts on your blog that take advantage of the various seasons and holidays.

Make sure that your posts are ready and published well in advance to ensure that they are not only pinned, but are able to gain plenty of traction by the time a holiday comes up. Another tip to take advantage of seasonal interests is to have your seasonal boards placed right at the top of your profile during the holiday season.

Tip 3: Explore the Number of Times Interesting Items Are Pinned

A useful research tool for Pinterest, especially with regard to older pins, is the handy “Get Your Pin Count” feature which allows you to carry out a check of the number of times an item has been pinned. If the item is pinned and repinned thousands of times already, it may be better to find more original content for your pins.

The great thing about this tool is that you can also use it to explore how much of your content has also been pinned.

If you are more interested in the pin count of items from a specific website, you can also enter pinterest/source/domainname into your browser. Simply replace the ‘domainname’ part with the actual name of the website you are interested in, to view its latest pins.

Tip 4: Use Rich Pins to Enhance Your Pinterest Posts

It is vital to keep in mind that Pins should be much more than visual bookmarks if they are to effectively drive traffic to your store, blog or website. By using Pinterest, Pinners are letting you know that they need ideas for a party, a DIY project or would like to know a good movie to watch. Regardless of these Pinners’ individual motivation, they are most likely looking for you to tell them how to do something or recommendations of what to buy.

One way to make your content more useful is by using Rich Pins. They offer an elegant way to display structured data pulled from your website or blog for display on Pinterest. There are currently six types of Rich Pins available, namely app, recipe, article, movie, product and place. Depending on which of these Rich Pins you choose, you can display product prices and availability, addresses and maps or even the ingredients of a recipe.

Because Rich Pins receive a higher rank than similar regular pins, they receive more visibility on user feeds, resulting in higher clickthrough rates and consequently more traffic to your website.

Tip 5: Use the Gifts Section for Stuff You Want To Buy or Sell

One more great section of the Pinterest site that could be of interest is ‘Gifts.’ In this section, you can search for some excellent and unique gifts, and it is a convenient destination when you want to find a good gift or need a gift idea in a hurry. One of the best things about the Gifts section is that the pin will contain the price of the item to help you to come to a purchasing decision quickly. You could also list any items that you have for sale by adding their prices to their pins.

When you pin the item you would like to list, all you need to do is add a dollar or pound sign alongside the price of the pin to have the price displayed within the pinned image itself.

Tip 6: Location Pins Give You Useful Local Information

Many times, you may want to access information specific to your location or a place you are visiting. When you install the Android app, you will receive a notification as soon as you are close to an interesting place that you have pinned. The notification also contains directions that you can follow on your smart watch or phone to locate that great neighborhood or favorite restaurant. The place pin is easy identifiable by a teardrop marker that is displayed next to the place description and map of your location.

Tip 7: Make Use Of The Appeal Of Teaser Pins

Most people who visit Pinterest are looking to learn something new and interesting to them. One of the best way to pique your audience’s interest is to think of great content that people would love to store or share and create teaser pins. The intrigue that a teaser pin creates often results in a remarkably high clickthrough rate.

Typically, a teaser pin does not contain much information, just enough to your audience curious and visit your blog or website to learn more. This is a strategy that is particularly effective at driving traffic to bloggers, service-based businesses and product pages.

Tip 8: Place Your Boards in Categories

Pinterest offers you the option to categorize your board. While it may appear to be a relatively tiny change to make, it plays a big part in enhancing the exposure that your pins will receive, since they will be placed within the Pinterest category sections.

The pin will be placed in the category that you have selected. Therefore, always select a category that is the highly relevant to the associated pins on that board and only share pins that relate to this topic.

Tip 9: Use Guided Search to Narrow Down General Option

The search function on Pinterest can sometimes be – to put it mildly – quite a mess. However, one of the tips that you can use to find the stuff you need on the website is to use very general keywords.

The “Guided Search” bar appears at the top of the pages, and displays the keywords that are relevant to highly popular pins in the category that you select. When you take your time to go through the keywords listed, you could find a pin related to something you did not even know you needed.

Tip 10: Set Up a Pinterest Chrome Start Page

The Google Chrome start page is always evolving and being updated, so it makes for a refreshing change to find that you can install a start page for your browser that is not just useful and pretty to look at, but also avoids many of the distractions on the stock version. This is exactly what Pinterest’s Tab extension brings to the table: a beautifully simple method to view gorgeous photography that will take your breath away, along with several more neat features.

The extension also has the added advantage of displaying all of your browser bookmarks within the tab, which is often the deal clincher for the many people who have installed the extension, as they no longer need to display their bookmarks bar when they can access all their favorite links on the start page. Having this handy Pinterest tool will give you a bit more of your screen back!


The best way to consider Pinterest is as a great business networking tool for your website, business or blog instead of simply a way to while away a few idle minutes, and the tips above will help you to make the most of your experience. Take the time to interact, follow and leave comments, in the same way you would do on Facebook or Twitter, to make the most of this useful online tool.

In fact, a close look will reveal that there are many people using these tips in creative ways to market their products and to popularize their blogs on Pinterest. There are lots of fun things you can do on the website: Maybe you are looking to sell your car quickly? You may consider directing people to your pins that showcase it and its features.

You could also engage your followers in events like contests for product sample giveaways, a scavenger hunt or word scramble to popularize your venue or even use your Pinterest board as a substitute for a blogroll. The possibilities are endless.