10 of the Most Expensive and Useless Things You Can Buy

Ever wondered what you would do if you were a billionaire? Would you use your wealth to fund cancer research or help feed starving children in Third World countries? Alternatively you could fork out some of your dough on a $1.3 million cell phone or a million dollars on a box of chocolates. Unfortunately some of the richest people in the world spend money on the most expensive and useless things.


A $1,000 Cupcake

Want your innards to feel like royalty? Well, the ‘Golden Phoenix’ is what you need! The cupcake was first introduced during the opening ceremony of Dubai Mall’s Bloomsbury, and contains chocolate and edible gold. To top it all off, the confectionery is served in a gold dish and is sprinkled with gold flakes.


Gold Toilet Paper

It is products like this that are the most baffling of all. Why is Gold toilet paper even a thing? Australian company, Toilet Paper Man caters to those who need to have a touch of luxury at all times – including when answering the call of nature. For this reason, they have produced a 3-ply toilet paper roll that is made from 22-carat gold, and enables you to literally flush your money down the toilet. Apparently, the roll is perfectly safe for use.


Canine Jewelry

If you can offer your fiancée a gleaming diamond ring, then you can surely afford to bling up your pooch as well. If you believe that a dog is man’s best friend, then I Love Dogs Diamonds has got you covered on those occasions when you do not know what to get the canine that has everything. The Amour-Amour Dog Collar is made of 10-carat white gold and platinum set on crocodile leather, and will set you back a cool $3.2 million. Clearly, the world has gone to the dogs.


The World’s Most Expensive Chess Game

Instead of pitting white pawns against their black counterparts, the world’s most expensive chess set pits the white diamonds against black diamonds. This is because this game consists of pieces made from 320 carats of diamonds. Unfortunately for the millions of people who believe that a chess game is not a chess game unless there are diamonds involved, the Charles Hollander Collection only has a total of seven diamond chess sets.


The Most Expensive Smart Phone

Designer Peter Aloisson has designed a smart phone made from pink gold and platinum, and covered in over 80 brilliant jewels. Either side of the phone is lined with 50 gems, which include 10 blue diamonds, while the navigation button has 28 stones surrounding it. The entire navigation bar of the phone is a set in gold. At the whopping price of 1.3 million dollars, the least you should expect is that it never drops your cell signal.


Platinum Hello Kitty Figurine

You would need a heart of stone not to completely adore the Japanese cartoon character Hello Kitty. If you simply cannot contemplate a life without it, you can now buy your very own platinum 3.8 centimeter wide by 5.6 centimeter high kitten, weighing in at 590 grams. This tiny figurine has bows made of precious stones, including pink sapphires, rubies and diamonds, blue topazes and amethysts. To own one, you will have to cough up $163,000. Only one has ever been made, and was sold at the Mitsukoshi shopping center, Japan, in December 2006.


The Most Expensive Pizza in the World

The record for the most expensive pizza in the world is held by the pizzeria at Nino’s Bellissima Pizza of New York. With a stuffing that consisted of chive onions, cream fish, Petrossian caviar, tail of Atlantic lobster, wasabi and salmon caviar. You certainly cannot accuse the restaurant of lacking variety in flavors. Although the pizza is large enough to feed eight people, it costs $125 per slice!


Most Expensive Bottle of Tequila

While some people will brand you a connoisseur, most would consider spending $3.5 million on a bottle of alcohol to be a pretty serious drinking problem. A bottle of Pasión Azteca tequila recently sold for this staggering price. The bottle itself is made of glass, white gold, platinum and 6,400 gems, with the drink being aged 4 year old Anejo tequila. Cheers!


Diamond Encrusted Tea Bag

PG Tips is one of Britain’s leading tea manufacturing companies. To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the company, it commissioned jeweler Boodles to make a diamond-encrusted tea bag. The $14,000 price tag is justified by the fact that it was hand-crafted with more than 200 diamonds. While we all know how much the British love their tea, this is clearly taking it a step too far.


A Manhattan Parking Space

Spending $225,000 on a parking space may seem like a small sacrifice if you are a resident of Manhattan, but most people we know would rather spend the money on a new Ferrari and look for somewhere else to park it! According to ABC.com, some of the best real estate is considered to be a Manhattan parking space. In fact, many people actually buy parking spaces as an investment, even though they do not own a car. What does a quarter of a million dollars get you? An empty space measuring 2.5 by 5 meters.