10 Truths about Successful People

Have you ever wondered why some people are so wildly successful? Do they know a big secret that everyone else does not? Did they stumble upon a great idea that no one else will ever match? Or maybe they won the genetic lottery, and were born into the right family. Maybe they are just smarter than the rest of us.


On the other hand, there could be no secret to their success. They could be just regular Joe’s like us. It is possible that we could be just as successful if we stepped up and took the risks that they did. While many people find it easy to dismiss people who are wildly successful as being ‘out of their league,’ the truth is that anyone can attain success.


The following are 10 truths about successful people. These individuals’ routines are similar to ours, just that they have made a few key tweaks.


  1. Successful People Set Daily Goals

Rod Friedman, author and founder of FPL Financial Strategies LLC once wrote that, every day, when he sits at his desk, he asks himself what he has achieved and what he needs to make the main focus of his work day. Once a goal he has set is achieved, it leaves him with a great sense of accomplishment.

Is it possible for you to do the same? Most definitely. Ensure that you identify three main items and make them your day’s priority. You should complete these items before you do anything else. Always ask yourself if you will be happy with your effort when your day ends to avoid slacking off.


  1. Setbacks Are an Opportunity to Learn

Just like all the rest of us, wildly successful people also suffer occasional setbacks. In fact, a look at the greatest men and women in human history will show that they often experienced failure. For example, Thomas Edison went through many failed attempts at finding a filament for the light bulb. Henry Ford also knew so much about failure that he was famously quoted as having said, “Failure is the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently.”


  1. Successful People Begin Their Day with Physical Exercise

It is incredible when you realize just how many successful people begin their day with physical exercise. A good example of this is P.G. Wodehouse, who was one of the most famous humorists in the world. This literary giant of the 20th century would always start his morning with calisthenics. You simply need to find your exercise niche and stick to a daily routine.


  1. They Do Not Obsess Over Their Email

David Karp, a techpreneur who is best known for launching Tumblr, is a good example. According to him, it is important to stay away from your email inbox until you arrive at work, and not to look at it again after you leave the office. If there is someone who needs your urgent attention, they should call or text you instead. When you start your day without email, you can set your own priorities, without being distracted by what other people need from you.


  1. Emotional Investment in Their Dreams

Before Oprah Winfrey gained talk show superstardom, she endured a very rocky early career. She lost her job at a Baltimore TV station because they believed she was overly emotional about the stories she reported on. However, it is clear that her emotional investment is what resulted in her later success. People who are wildly successful in their particular field of interest are fully engaged emotionally, and so should you.


  1. They Do What Is Necessary To Earn A Living

A common myth is that people who are very successful got to the top by cutting ties to ‘normal’ jobs in order to focus on their dreams. In fact, before they achieved success, most successful individuals held regular jobs to earn a living as they pursued their dreams. Before he landed his first major role in Star Wars, Harrison Ford worked as a carpenter.


  1. They Understand That Success Takes Time

Many of the extremely successful people we now admire had to struggle for years before getting their big break. In fact, many of them actually found success at an age where most people would have stopped dreaming. Singer Andrea Bocelli was 33 years old by the time he was discovered by Luciano Pavarotti.


  1. They Keep Going, In Spite Of Setbacks

At times, we look at highly successful people and think that their work has always been loved and respected throughout their careers. In truth, this is not the case at all. For example, at 24 years of age, Walt Disney had a successful cartoon character that he created, stolen from him by Universal Studios. More famously, in 1995 Steve Jobs was fired from Apple, the company he had founded. In each of these cases, they managed to keep going and eventually found fame and fortune.


  1. They Do Not Get It Right the First Time

Many people who are currently enjoying success had initial ventures that failed to take off or collapsed spectacularly before they eventually succeeded. Suze Orman, a financial expert and motivational speaker, had initially tried to open a restaurant but eventually had to declare bankruptcy. This experience sparked an interest in personal finance, where she has had tremendous success.


  1. They Make Great Sacrifices to Succeed

Sylvester Stallone, one of the most successful movie stars of all time, had to face many hardships and rejections before he managed to sell his script, Rocky, and be cast as the star of the film. In fact, he was so poor that he had to sell his dog for $50 to make ends meet. After selling his script, he was forced to spend $3,000 to get his beloved mutt back.


Often, we think that successful individuals are so different from everybody else that we could never attain their level of success. However, there is nothing further from the truth. They are just ordinary people with passion and drive who made a conscious decision to put in a little more dedication to their craft. If you copy some of the habits of successful people and be determined, you too can find success.