Do you ever feel that traffic to your blog simply isn’t growing as fast as it could? Well, you are not alone. All bloggers get the same feeling from time to time. So, what can be done to boost the traffic you receive?

The first thing to know about the strategies outlined in this article is that they are all designed to put your visitors first and ensuring that they not only visit your blog in droves, but also keep coming back for more.

In this post, we will look at some of the tips you should follow to enable you to grow the audience of your blog quickly and to ensure that your visitors will share your content and come back whenever you put up new posts.

Let’s dive right in!

  1. Regularly Network with Fellow Bloggers

Like any business, building relationships with like-minded people and often competitors can be a powerful weapon in your blogging arsenal. It’s all about building mutually beneficial relationships. On one level sharing ideas and strategies can help identify opportunities. From a SEO perspective, offering guest posts to each other with relevant linking can be invaluable. Remember, these are networks which can only survive in an environment of mutual benefit.

So, what are the networking methods used by some of the most successful bloggers?

  • Connect via social networks: One of the simplest ways to get their attention and introduce yourself. You can choose to share their content or comment on their status updates.
  • Leave useful comments on their blogs: This strategy works particularly well if it is a personal blog whose owner actively engages his/her readers.
  • Join an active online community within your niche: An online community is an often overlooked, but highly effective method of connecting with fellow bloggers. From Facebook groups, online forums and sub-Reddits, you have a range of options to select from.
  1. Contribute Guest Posts to Leading Blogs

When you want to build up your audience quickly, contributing a guest post to a leading blog in your niche is an extremely effective way to do it. However, for the best and longest lasting results from this strategy, there is a particular way you must do this.

The following tips will show you the best way to go about guest blogging:

  • Seek out blogs in your area of interest with a high level of engagement: contributing a guest post to a blog that has a small following and little engagement will do little to give you the desired boost. Good engagement benchmarks are comments and social shares.
  • Before you make your pitch, get to know the blog owner: We discussed the importance of getting to know other bloggers in point 1. , and the same applies here. Building a relationship with the blogger before will increase the likelihood that they will accept your pitch.
  • Make your pitch about the owner of the blog: Ensure that your pitch focuses on the owner of the blog and is clear about the benefits they will enjoy by hosting your guest post. This will help you stand out from the many other pitches that owners of successful blogs receive.
  • Do not hold back: It is perfectly understandable that you may want to reserve your best work for your own blog, but to really reap the big rewards that a guest post can provide, you will have to go all out to impress the blog’s owner and readers.
  1. Choose Your Links Carefully

Search for high quality posts on subjects related to your posts which have been written by people likely to share your blog post. Some of the features of good links include:

  • Written by people who actively promote them, or which are hosted on websites that have active social media promotion teams
  • Add value by providing extra useful information to your post
  • Are hosted on authority blogs which have a focus that is similar to yours

However, you may ask: how does sharing an external link on my blog help to expand my reach? Well, all you need to keep in mind is that a promoter will promote. If you let people and websites know that they are mentioned in one of your posts, they are likely to respond by amplifying the marketing of your content (even without you asking them). You then have access to their reach as well as yours. Everybody wins.

  1. Offer Content That People Want to Read and Share

When you publish great content that your target audience finds useful, your readership will grow faster. In addition, if you are consistent in publishing great content, the audience you attract will tend to stick around. However, before you can produce great content, you must first figure out who you are targeting in the first place, and what kind of information they may find useful. A common mistake that many bloggers make is focusing too heavily on what their personal preferences and neglecting what their readership wants. While it is your blog, if you want a loyal following you need to find a balance.

Once you know who your target is, you can use the tips below to find topics that would be of interest to them:

  • Constantly monitor news and current affairs within your area of interest
  • Keep an eye on major topics and use tools like Talkwalker and Google Alerts to spot trends
  • Use a social media monitoring tool like Buzzsumo to find out what the current hot topics are
  • Use SEMrush to help you find what the competition is ranking for

Regardless of the topic you select, always concentrate of offering value to your audience.

  1. Make Promotion As Important As Posting

Blog promotion involves so much more than simply sharing your latest post on your social media accounts. Unfortunately, for many new bloggers, sharing on a handful of social networks is the limit of their promotional efforts. A few discover more tactics to promote their blogs, but have trouble with consistency. The reason they find it difficult to stick to their task is that they did not document their processes.

One strategy that works for many successful bloggers is the creation of a promotional checklist. The details of your individual tactics may be slightly different, but the basic formula is a variation of:

  • Email your list subscribers
  • Share your posts on social media
  • Add your posts on major social bookmarking websites
  • Add your posts to niche social bookmarking websites
  • Let anyone you have mentioned in your posts know about it

Once you have all the bases covered, you can now flesh out your checklist with the details that are relevant to your particular blog or niche.

  1. Build a Mailing List

One of the most effective ways to keep your visitors coming back to read your posts is by building a mailing list. Below are some tips that will get you started quickly:

  • Use an email service provider such as MailChimp instead of concentrating on feed delivery. This allows you to communicate with subscribers as often as you like while giving you control over the look of your email messages. Tracking of email is also more effective.
  • Offer a free signup incentive in exchange for your visitors’ email addresses. Your audience need the solution you have to offer, and the incentive gives you the opportunity to convince them you can offer the solution they need.
  • Make it simple for your visitors to register for your newsletter, by offering the opportunity to do so in multiple places on your blog pages.
  • Build a highly optimized landing page with a single goal: convert visitors into subscribers. Try limiting the amount of navigation or items that distract visitors from subscribing.

In Conclusion

Generating massive amounts of targeted traffic is the main aim of a blog. As your blog attracts larger numbers of this targeted traffic, it also makes you more money. In fact, of all the ways to increase the total revenues you can earn from your blog, increasing its traffic through the tips above is the most efficient. What you need to keep in mind is that building an audience and keeping it engaged is a task that requires creativity, time and dedication.