“Let’s meet at our place.”

This is how Apple announced their momentous yearly event. They are holding the Apple Event 2017 aka WWDC17, on 12 September and we couldn’t be more excited about it, especially since it’s taking place in their new headquarters in Cupertino, California.

Apart from their relocation, there is obviously more to get excited about. Apple aficionados have overflown message boards with various rumors and predictions all year round, ranging from a complete design revamp for the iPhone line, to the launch of a 4K compatible Apple TV box.

Even if you are not an Apple fan, you should follow this event as it unfolds live, since there is a lot of change underway at the company.  We know there is no precise information on the true magnitude of the Apple event 2017, but seeing how the hype has built up throughout 2017, it simply can’t be a matter of conjecture.

Without further ado, let us see what the top predictions for this year’s event are!

iphone 7 - iphone 8Introduction of iPhone 7S, 7S Plus and … iPhone 8?

Perhaps the most anticipated moment of the year: the launch of the brand-new iPhone 7S and 7S Plus lines. We are not expecting many design changes since this is an “S” year, but we are expecting a processor boost, several front and rear camera improvements, as well as other software and hardware tweaks.

We are already used to hearing alleged “info leaks” each year, but this year has been particularly rich in those, for one reason or another. Many sources speculate on the possibility of Apple releasing a special phone to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, which the Internet calls the “iPhone 8” or “iPhone X”. You can’t neglect the 10th anniversary of anything, much less of such a groundbreaking product as the iPhone, so maybe Apple have cooked something up for us? We surely hope so!

4K Apple TV4K Streaming

Digital and streaming media have changed a lot in recent years, especially in regards to 4K streaming. This isn’t huge news anymore. Netflix introduced 4K streaming to their platform in 2014, followed by Amazon and YouTube just a year later. However, Apple have kept eerily quiet about 4K streaming capabilities on Apple TV, which has not seen any upgrade in 2 years. Fortunately for us, there is hope. Rumor has it that this year Apple will release an updated Apple TV with 4K streaming capabilities. It’s too late for them to break the mold, but they will at least be competitive.

Apple Watch with LTE capabilities

Last year, Apple introduced two Apple Watch models, namely the Series 1 and Series 2. This year’s model (perhaps Series 3?) is likely to remain the same in many aspects, albeit heavily rumored to feature LTE capabilities. This means you won’t need to tether your iPhone to the watch for connectivity anymore. A new level of portability, usability and reliability? Indeed.

Apple Event 2017 - iOS 11iOS 11, Augmented Reality and MacOS High Sierra

The newest operating system, iOS 11, has already been available for public beta since the WWDC (Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference) held in June 2017. Not many details were set out at the time, so with the new iPhone iterations, we’ll get a full look at what iOS 11 can actually do. We know that both Siri and Control Center will get a fresh look, in addition to several tweaks to the camera app. It has been hinted that the newer iPads will also suffer software changes, but so far, the information is quite limited.

However, what we know for sure is that Apple will talk about ARkit, a tool which will provide AR (augmented reality) capabilities on iOS 11. Again, Apple is a little bit late on this one as well, since other companies have been working on AR for quite some time already. However, at the end of the day, Apple is still Apple, so we expect AR technology to increase in popularity by a massive margin following the event. There is also some sort of feud going on between ARkit and ARcore, Google’s counterpart augmented reality tool, so we will see how this evolves over time.

Macs have already undergone several minor changes with Apple’s recent iteration of their desktop OS, MacOS High Sierra, which has been available in beta since August. There is not much to say here apart from the ability of turning off auto-play videos, diverse GIF-making capabilities, as well as the ability to prevent advertisers from accessing your data without consent.

Tim CookWhat Else To Expect

Apple like to surprise us so they may unveil many more things on September 12. Maybe Tim Cook will take to the stage to announce that they will provide support for Bitcoin payments effective immediately (which would make complete sense considering the Bitcoin price soared up to a peak of $4,800 on September 1 and is, as of now, stable at around $4,400). Maybe he will announce that they are considering discontinuing the production of iPads. The sky is the limit, really, so prepare for a potential rollercoaster of emotions.

Apple StockStock price

We are extremely surprised with how the hype has built up for the Apple event 2017 throughout 2017, and so must Apple be. They have to mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone appropriately. This means no more small redesigns, software tweaks and other such gimmicks. If this year’s iPhone throws us aback, we may expect a big bump for the AAPL stock. If not, it may have the same fate as in preceding years. After last year’s introduction of the iPhone 7, the stock price dropped nearly 3%. Investors are always on the watch for innovative specs, and if their expectations are not met, they realize that massive sales might not happen after all. So, the stock price drops.

However, amid skepticism revolving around Tim Cook’s fitness for leading the tech giant, Apple have actually done quite well this year, so we don’t expect many negative fluctuations in the stock price, regardless of how poor this annual event turns out to be.

Final Words

We are extremely confident that this year’s Apple event 2017 will bring about tremendous change within the company. Not only because it’s the 10-year iPhone anniversary, but also because it’s high time Apple came up with something new to ‘wow’ us valued customers.

4K streaming? Maybe.  LTE capability? We can do without it, right? Getting a mold-breaking iPhone, however, is a must. We are very much looking forward to seeing the event as it unfolds live on September 12, so stay tuned.