Entrepreneurs usually have to run a very tight ship; sometimes having to do everything themselves until their businesses start making decent profits. What are needed are apps for entrepreneurs to keep them productive and help them to manage their day-to-day tasks. The apps below are free on Android and iOS.


Get and stay organized, as being disorganized is the biggest time waster. Keep your ideas, to-do lists, agendas, meeting minutes, summaries of meetings and reminders in one place. Allocate and share notes with team members, suppliers and customers.
Evernote can be sync’d across multiple devices, making it easy to access from anywhere. Use your device’s camera to capture documents, photos, business cards, etc. and store them in the app.
As your enterprise grows, upgrade to the Premium package at a very low annual cost.
Evernote definitely ranks as a must have on our list of apps for entrepreneurs

apps for entrepreneurs


This collaborative project management app for entrepreneurs is suitable for all work, regardless of the type of job, and can be used for personal activities, such as writing a book and planning a party or wedding. Create cards and add to the relevant boards, i.e. one job = one board, with each task within each board having its own card.
You can add photos, files and videos, sharing these with team members who will be alerted via Trello and email and, in turn, you’ll be notified whenever they update a card or board. You can also use Trello to create workflows and timelines, with or without due dates.


Make billing simpler by keeping on top of your billable time, as well as improve your productivity, with the Toggl time tracker. This is a great app for entrepreneurs running a small business, but can also be used by freelancers and anyone else who needs to know how much time they’re spending on a task.
Create a session name and start the timer. You will be able to draw reports from the app for monitoring and billing purposes, and these can be extracted to PDF and CSV files, either weekly or monthly.
Toggl supports other services and platforms too, like Trello, Evernote, Insightly and Google Calendar to name just a few of the many.



Skype is not just for connecting with friends and family. The app can also let entrepreneurs connect with up to 25 people via either voice or video. This is possible even if they don’t have a Skype account as you can call their mobile or land lines too (calling rates apply).
Send text messages, a voice message or video. Transmit files for discussion or share your screen. It’s a great way to connect with customers you can’t meet with personally.
For more than 25 connections, download Skype for Business – fees apply. Skype is for sure another must have app for entrepreneurs.


This customer relationship management (CRM) app offers contact management, email marketing, lead management and interaction tracking and is free for up to two users.
Define relationships between customers and other contacts via linking, and extract reports as needed. Create criteria for each contact and watch as a workflow is generated that can, for example, automatically send an email plus a follow-up email after three days. There are four additional packages, with added functionality for bigger businesses, that cost from $12 to $99 per user/month.



Described by the Wall Street Journal as being “like a virtual accountant”, Expensify is an app for every entrepreneur, simplifying tracking, submitting and reporting of expenses and taxes. Use SmartScan to take photos of receipts, before they fade or get lost, and upload them into Expensify.
Bigger businesses can opt for custom, enterprise or team packages, at a cost, and they will benefit from multi-level approval workflows, corporate card reconciliation, employee reimbursement and accounting software integration.

Weather Underground

When planning a business trip, use Weather Underground (WU) to decide on what to pack. This app makes use of the Nexrad network plus input from 200,000 weather stations worldwide.
WU gives a detailed hourly or daily forecast and a seven-day forecast that includes temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, wind direction and bariatric pressure.

weather underground


This app needs hardly any introduction. If you’re flying to see a customer or supplier, register with Uber and book a taxi ride from the airport using PayPal or your credit card. The amount due will be deducted at the end of the trip and you’ll receive a receipt (for Expensify!) via email.
Not sure if it will be cheaper to hire a car if you have to ride a long distance? Request an estimate from the driver first. You can view details of the driver and his car’s registration number when you book so that you’ll be sure to get into the right car with the right driver before you start your journey.



You’ve decided to drive your own car instead. Use the Waze GPS, traffic and maps app to get voice-guided directions and alerts for gas stations selling cheaper fuels.
You can report accidents and obstructions to the app and receive alerts about accidents, traffic jams, hazards, road blocks and closures. To keep your contacts informed of your progress, just send your ETA and drive info to them.
Waze constantly updates all maps to keep them current, making it one of the best apps for entrepreneurs who needs to get to appointments on time.


You’re riding the subway or waiting to see someone or have reached the end of your working day. Now is the time to launch Pocket, the app used for saving news and articles to be read offline at a later time, and it can sync across all devices.
The app has an easy-to-view layout and offers unlimited storage, text-to-voice listening, tabs for quick organization and the ability for you to recommend news and articles to other people. You can also read articles suggested by people you follow as well as suggestions from Pocket.

Whether you are a freelancer, a startup entrepreneur or a high powered CEO, these are just some of the apps for entrepreneurs that will help you be more productive and organized.

Have you got a favorite app you think others will benefit from? Post a comment below and let us know your favorite app for entrepreneurs