Anyone who has a teen in their home knows that their every day accessory is a smartphone.  In fact, they’re almost glued to them.  Technology has opened a whole new world of apps for teenage girl, enabling her to have fun, get stuff done and stay in contact with her friends.  These apps are all available on Android and iOS.


The first on of our list of apps for teenage girls is Tumblr. As at December 1, 2016, this micro-blogging app hosts 324.7 million blogs, with about 555 million monthly visitors.  The Tumblr app is available across all operating systems (OS) and is easy to use, offering custom headers, a dashboard, blog queueing, private messaging, tags and HTML editing.

Additionally, users can add audio, images and video to their blogs.  There’s a search function and a trending section.  Post whatever you want and follow whoever you like.  Make your blogs interesting and they’ll follow you too.

tumblr - app for teenage girls

Hair Styler Lite / Hairstyle Lite

Hairstyles come and go but taking a leap into the unknown at a hairdressing salon may end up being a leap too far, especially just ahead of a teenage girl’s all-important prom night.  Enter Hair Styler Lite (Android) and Hairstyle Lite (iOS) – the apps that let her see what a hairstyle will look like around her own face before the scissors come out.

Take photos of the styles you like and show them to the hairdresser so that there’s no mistake between what you want and what the hairdresser thinks you want.  The app is easy to use and you can have fun trying different up-do’s with your BFFs!


Day Journal / Day One

These apps, for every teenage girl, Day Journal (Android) and Day One (iOS), are just what a girl needs to write down her thoughts, store photos with journal entries and share entries with friends via email, SMS and social media.

They can add as many entries as they like, insert emoticons, change the interface color and lock the journal to keep it safe from prying eyes.  An added bonus is the ability to export data if they change from one OS to another, so if one is using an Android device now, simply use Dropbox to transfer data from Day Journal to Day One for Apple’s iOS.  Other export options include CSV, HTML, PDF, text and XML.

day journal


Just seen a killer pair of shoes and need dad to send some cash?  There are phone-based money transfer services in most countries and, in the USA, this is Venmo – a PayPal service.  It has become so popular that it has been verified in much the same way we say “Google” instead of “search”.

It’s easy and quick to “venmo” cash between friends, to split a bill at a restaurant or when buying movie or concert tickets, to keep track of who’s paid you and who you owe money to, and to make purchases in certain apps.  Using this app is also easy to do – Send or request payment via a message and emoji by selecting an email address, name, phone number or username from your names in your phone or Facebook contacts lists.


Another one of the essential apps for teenage girls (and her mom!) is Stylicious – the app that helps them to organize the clothes in their closets and create different mix-and-match outfits for every day.

Just take photos of all your clothes and upload them to the app.  When you’re out shopping, check the app to see whether you already have the same item.  Make your own look-book using your clothes and those from the shopping section.  With the style planner, you can even avoid wearing the same outfit twice.  Get style inspiration from the Stylicious stylists and see what’s new in the shopping section.


Facebook Messenger

Send messages to your phone and Facebook contacts with ease in Messenger.  Add stickers, make free voice and video calls (only data charges, not airtime), chat to groups of friends, and share images and your location.

Messenger is Snapchat’s competitor. Although messages disappear within 10 minutes in Snapchat, Messenger offers a longer on-screen time so that messages to groups of friends can remain open until all friends have had time to read it.  Snapchat’s promise of “in the moment” is a bit misleading because readers can take screenshots of a message or an image and pass those on to other people.

FB messenger


This is one of those apps that every teenage girl must have and, hopefully, will never have to use.  It is important to have this type of safety app in the event that calling 911 first is not feasible.

bSafe is a personal security app that has many features including an audible alarm to both deter attackers and to attract attention to your situation, as well as a GPS alert that shows changes to your location.  The alarm can either be set off manually or set to automatically activate if you do not arrive at your destination on time – ideal for walking between home and school, getting home after a concert or movie, or when out jogging.

This handy app can also send a fake call to you in the event that you may need to get out of a bad date, for example.  The people you need to alert must also download the app.


What better way to end our review of apps for teenage girls than some music to dance to?

iHeartRadio gives access to over 1,500 radio stations – including college, pop, rock and urban – and podcasts.  Use ‘Perfect For’ to find music to suit your every mood and activity, including Christmas tunes.  Set an alarm on the app so that you can wake up to your favorite station and get your day started on a good note.

Be your own DJ and create your own music station by selecting your best-loved songs from over 400 artists and over 15 million songs, and you can share your station with friends.


That wraps up some of the best and most essential apps for every teenage girl!