If you have had any involvement in the technology or financial sectors in the last few months, it is highly likely that you are aware of the massive hype that currently surrounds cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technologies. What excites many people in these industries, and investors as well, is the idea of decentralization, especially as a means of changing the way society is organized. Many also envision a future in which every business enterprise moves their supply chain and data management onto the Blockchain.

No matter what you think will happen within this space in the future – bullish or bearish – it still remains an exciting time for the technology. That being said, we present 10 of the Bitcoin and Blockchain startups to watch in the coming year.

Here are the top bitcoin startups to watch in 2018:

ixo Foundation

This is a startup that has developed an innovative method of tokenizing charitable contributions as well as the impact they have in the world. The ixo Foundation has a Blockchain product which lets individuals and organizations to record social contributions, charitable activities and volunteer jobs.

No matter whether it is the planting of a tree, feeding the homeless, tutoring a child or cleaning up a park, any act of charity receives a credit. Every claim must be examined by an impact investigator before being credited and entered into the Global Impact Ledger.

If a user racks up enough credits, they can then trade them for funding from the Decentralized Impact Exchange. They may also be exchanged for subsidies or grants. With the increase in humanitarian and environmental awareness increases, ixo tokens are expected to increase in value.

Visit ixo foundation website: http://ixo.foundation/

ixo foundation - BTCstartup


Javvy has a bold mission – to be an ideal replacement for all web-based cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets and to deliver an all-inclusive solution that allows users to buy, sell, use, manage and convert all of the major cryptocurrencies in one secure wallet.

This crypto wallet alternative has been developed by a highly experienced group of technology, compliance, regulatory and safety professionals. Their intention is to bring the world of Cryptocurrency into mainstream finance by offering users a ‘simple button’ that they can use to earn Bitcoin and other forms of Cryptocurrency, exchange it, store it and use it in the real world in a secure manner.

Wallets employ the Javvy token (JVY) as an intermediary layer for essential trades and purchases.

Visit Javvy website: https://javvy.com/

Javvy crypto startup

SimplyVital Health

Nobody can argue that it is essential for medical records, provided to healthcare providers, to be kept accessible, secure and accurate at all times. Beyond just agreeing with this premise, SimplyVital Health has taken this a step further and is actually doing something about it.

The startup has come up with a world first – a HIPAA-compliant, revenue generating Blockchain specifically tailored for the healthcare industry. The company has gone to great lengths to make sure that the products offered, and the sale of their token, are legitimate and verifiable from several different vantage points.

Backing for SimplyVital Health has been received from several major investors and technology partners, including Yale University. According to sources at the company, it is targeting a $300 billion market, all the while improving access to accurate medical records.

For investors keen on this startup, its ICO 2018 goes on public sale on 22nd February.

Visit SimplyVital Health website: https://www.simplyvitalhealth.com/

Simplyvital health bitcoin startup


It is hardly a secret the past few years have been challenging when it comes to privacy and security of web users’ information online. By now, anyone who stores personal information online has cause to be cautious. An open source project, Storj, aims to provide users with a secure, efficient and completely decentralized cloud storage solution which will also be used as a payment system, similar to Bitcoin.

As an integrated system, Storj serves as a protocol, virtual currency and application suite which let users store their data in a secure, decentralized way. Its features are clearly inspired by how Bitcoin works, with similar features that include public/private key encryption, cryptographic hash functions and a transaction ledger.

Visit Storj website: https://storj.io/

Storj Bitcoin

Open Bazaar

It is undeniable that Open Bazaar is among the Bitcoin startups 2018 to watch, if only for the mere fact that the company managed to get a jump on everyone who considered a Bitcoin based, online marketplace but then did nothing about it. The company’s only product is an open-source and downloadable platform which provides for peer-to-peer transactions, but without the posting fees charged by Amazon and eBay. Open Bazaar users can set up online stores within a few minutes and start selling their products immediately as they are up. In the true spirit of P2P transactions, all payments are completed in Bitcoins.

Benefitting from the growing interest of Bitcoin venture capital for its backing, Open Bazaar’s revenues come from the sale of value added services to its users. What many in the industry are watching closely is the direction of evolution of this Bitcoin-powered marketplace, and what the effect would be on existing marketplace giants.

Visit Open Bazaar website: https://www.openbazaar.org/

Open Bazaar Bitcoin Start up


Coinbase, which is a US-based exchange operating out of California, is one of the most exciting Bitcoin startups to watch in 2018. In addition to the world’s flagship virtual currency, Coinbase also deals in several other cryptocurrencies that include Ethereum and Litecoin. The company was founded by Fred Ehrsam and Brian Armstrong back in 2012, when the use of digital currency initially came into the limelight. It is also one of the most popular exchanges among investors looking for the latest initial coin offerings in the market.

Since then, their startup has enjoyed massive coverage in the biggest financial journals and media, including The New York Times, TIME, The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. It has also seen rapid adoption of its platform, providing its service to 32 countries, and boasts over 8.9 million users at the time of writing.

Visit Coinbase website: https://www.coinbase.com/

Coinbase Bitcoin Exchange


CoinsBank is trying to position itself as a kind of ‘all-in-one’ gateway to individuals seeking to enjoy Blockchain-based services. With a Bitcoin exchange, prepaid Bitcoin debit card and a Bitcoin wallet, CoinsBank is a provider of complex services to both sellers and buyers as well as to other service providers. No matter whether a user is shopping at a local store or online, sending money is as simple as clicking a button or sending an email, thanks to CoinsBank.

The CoinsBank Bitcoin wallet is tailored for a variety of cryptocurrencies, making it a popular platform among crypto traders. Digital money at CoinsBank can be accessed seamlessly via the Visa-issued Bitcoin card and spent online, or at brick-and-mortar stores. The cross-platform application can be accessed from a PC or any mobile device running iOS or Android systems. CoinsBank also provides merchant solutions that let businesses accept Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies at online or offline stores.

Visit Coinsbank website: https://coinsbank.com/

Coinsbank - Bitcoin startup

These are just some of the Bitcoin and Blockchain startups to watch in the coming year and with the popularity of cryptocurrencies growing quickly, we are sure there will be many other Bitcoin startups to watch out for in the New Year.