Bloggers, Marketers and professionals often use blogging to unearth their brand to a wider and more diverse audience. This enables the writer to expose themselves as a knowledgeable source and if done correctly it is extremely valuable for search engine optimization(SEO) and brand awareness.


If you want to expand your brand it is important to ensure that you network and build relationships with other bloggers in your niche in order to get exposure on their websites. At the same time you should allow them to blog on your site as they can share new and relevant information from a different perspective which would make your blog more interesting and dynamic. However you have to be careful and evaluate each writer as some writers are just looking to get links and will not provide good quality content.


When being presented with an opportunity to be a guest blogger you should always bear in mind the trust that has been placed in your hands and you need to provide quality honest and relevant contributions. A quality site has often spent allot of time building up their own brand and their readers expect a certain level of information and content that has relevance as opposed to link driven content.


Considerations to bear in mind in order to achieve your guest blogging aspirations.


  1. Targeting the Correct Audience 

You may want to blog on behalf of your own blog or you may be looking to blog on behalf of another brand, in either case it is essential to pick out blogs that are related to the topic or product that you are writing about. Often there are already very successful blogs who cater to your target audience so all you need are some tools to identify these blogs. One of the most used tools is Google which is simple and user friendly, all you need to do is type in the topic and product you are looking to blog about and review the results. It often takes time to find the correct variation of keywords to get the desired results so keep experimenting. The hard work begins now as you need to identify the successful blogs by checking their numbers ensuring they have a high authority with very little spam and linking. An excellent and common tool used in the industry to do this is Moz Open Site Explorer, it is a sophisticated and respected tool that will quickly and easily provide you with the authority, page link metrics and page social metrics as well as a host of other information which will guide you in making the correct decision. If you are able to associate yourself with a credible blog this will greatly increase your brands visibility and its credibility.


  1. Media Linking

It is always a good idea to choose blogs which grant users permission to add social media links, this will allow the readers to easily connect and communicate with you increasing your brand and following. If the blog does not allow media links you are still able to gain exposure as if your content is high quality and informative readers will use your bio to follow you and search out your social media profiles or often bloggers post the blogs from their site on their own social media platforms.


  1. Improve Your Domain Authority 

If you are a blogger and you allow guests bloggers to contribute high quality and interesting content this will increase your traffic, your subscriber base and links to other high authority blogs thereby increasing your own domain authority. This has a snowball effect as with this expanded presence comes requests to guest on your blog and once people start contributing they inevitably post on their social media accounts increasing your blogs authority by increasing its exposure. Once again you have to be weary of who you allow to contribute and which websites you link out to as this will be considered by Google when allocating you a ranking. Naturally the higher your domain authority the higher the ranking Google will assign you which will ensure your increase the value of your website.


  1. Product Placement and Business Opportunities

Once you start guest blogging on more and more sites with quality, interesting and relevant content, people will start to notice you and you will slowly build up a reputation as an expert in your field and you will become more influential. Increasingly you will begin to network with other bloggers and brands with similar products allowing you to send your products to other high quality blogs for review or for display on their site increasing your sales and business opportunities.



It is important to remember that this process takes time and effort. A blogger needs to be persistent and patient. You need to consistently follow the industry and other high authority blogs that are relevant to you. Over time you will become experienced as a guest blogger and other bloggers will start requesting you to guest blog or even be featured on their site. Your opinion will become more valued and sort after. By building your brand, this will automatically open up a host of business opportunities and set you on the path to success. Happy blogging!