Children’s Sun (Zodiac) Signs

An Astrological Guide to Your Children

As both an educational teacher as well as an Astrological columnist and writer, I have had over a decade of experience working with children and it is so interesting to see the similarities between certain children of the same sign. Let’s begin with the first sign of the zodiac.

AriesThe Aries Child (21 March-20 April)

Aries children need physical challenge. They need to work their gross motor skills from a very young age. They will be the fastest and best athletes on the playground because they don’t give up until they win. Ruled by Mars, they are naturally driven to succeed physically. When it comes to the classroom or learning new concepts, the way to naturally awaken their curiosity is to give them challenging questions. That’s how it works with little Aries. Want them to learn? Then challenge them.

TaurusThe Taurus Child (21 April-21 May)

This little one loves to be as self-sufficient as possible and loves working with his hands. He will be the builder in the class constantly working with Lego and blocks to form the highest towers and will love getting messy with paint. He is also the one asking all the children to share their food with him as he has a natural curiosity and love for food from a very young age. He is the child that will stand out with all sensory exercises and will excel. He will also be fantastic with all gardening and baking projects.

GeminiThe Gemini Child (22 May-21 June)

You know that child in the class that loves to talk? They more than just love to talk. Talking is who they are – that’s Gemini!! They also adore books. They are the little birds of the zodiac, jumping here, there and everywhere, not quite keeping still for long – ever. They learn quickly and get bored easily so keep things constantly fresh with them. Just a tip – if they truly can’t stop talking, just open up a book for them and start reading, explaining that you will answer all their questions at the end – otherwise there will be many curious questions to interrupt. They also love dress up.

CancerThe Cancer Child (22 June–22 July)

First and foremost, this child needs a lot of nurturing care and love. He takes a lot of time to trust you. At first he may be standoffish and cold towards you – it is just his Cancerian crab shell, hard on the outside – but he’s really mushy and soft inside. In the beginning, just give him a lot of love and encouragement. Once he trusts you, that’s where the learning can start. Whenever teaching him, show him that wherever he is, he is safe and secure. He needs that first. He will also love baking and anything to do with the kitchen.

LeoThe Leo Child (23 July-23 August)

This child will have gorgeous hair. She will also be the drama queen because all the attention needs to be on her. She is fun and her friends will love her and she is the child to put in charge of projects as she is super creative. She will have a sunny disposition and cheer-up those around her . She’s also the perfect choice when you need a strong lead in school productions.

VirgoThe Virgo Child (24 August-22 September)

It is possible that this child will be physically very beautiful. They will be one of the hardest workers. Everything will always need to be put in order otherwise tears may flow and they need things around them to be neat. Chaos really disturbs them. They are also exceptionally shy and will have a small group of friends – usually they are the teacher’s “pet”.

LibraThe Libra Child (23 September-23 October)

Also very beautiful, this child is highly rational and thinks things through before making decisions. Beauty is very important to them and they will be the ones always decorating their space around them and making sure they always look magnificent. Art is very important to them and they will be very good at working with colors. They will also be very popular and have a large group of friends, being the ‘social butterflies’ of the class and making sure everyone gets along.

ScorpioThe Scorpio Child (24 October-22 November)

Scorpio children feel very deeply. Being part of the water element, they are very sensitive, intuitive and emotional. Scorpio is a fixed sign so once they make up their mind about something, they can be stubborn about changing it. Scorpio children need transformation in learning. They themselves need to see progress within themselves.

Scorpio children learn the art of manipulation at a very young age and know the power of their words – do not fall into this trap and learn to set boundaries at a very young age with them.

An example is a boy who was a typical Scorpio in my classroom. Out of all the Star Wars characters, there was a certain character he liked the most – can you guess it? The most powerful of course (and all dressed in black) – Darth Vader! All this boy would say in class is “I am the strongest”. When in “battle”, he would step up, flex his chest out and emit an aura of energy so you would know who was in charge. He hardly cried. I once said to him, “You are sweet.” He replied, “I am not sweet, I am tough and strong.”

SagitariusThe Sagittarius Child (23 November-21 December)

“Where did he go?” you will find yourself asking. This child needs to explore and go on adventures. They are highly curious and will constantly ask “why?”. They often come with old souls, are very philosophical and will have deep discussions with you. They grasp languages very easily and absolutely adore reading and books. Reading should be encouraged with these children from as young an age as possible. They are also very naturally lucky.

CapricornThe Capricorn Child (22 December-20 January)

Capricorn children never have it easy and often have to grow up fast from a very young age. They make fantastic leaders as they easily decipher between what is right and wrong and thrive when being in charge. They give structure to any environment and make fantastic students. They are highly practical but sometimes tend to be sad at times. These little ones just need a lot of encouragement and love, although they are not huge on hugs and cuddles.

AquariusThe Aquarius Child (21 January-18 February)

This child is different. You see, he is so hard to figure out because his brain works at such a fast level and at such a high frequency that you may mistake his genius for just being awkward. These children are eccentric, dress differently and think differently. They absolutely excel in mathematics and science and basically anything with technology. They are very emotionally detached and usually have a huge group of friends.

PiscesThe Pisces Child (19 February-20 March)

This child lives in her own world. She sees the world very differently from the rest. You have to be patient with her and give her a lot of love and security. Change can scare Pisces, so make sure if you are changing the classroom or home environment, you explain this to her or do it together with her. Pisces children see the world in shapes and colors. They love coloring-in books, painting and anything artistic. If you ever have to reprimand a Pisces child, take them aside and do it. If you do it in a fashion in which the spotlight is pointed at her, she will tense and close up and most probably start crying through the uncomfortable sensation of being watched. She also tends to run away from problems in order to escape and unfortunately, is the most likely of the zodiac children to have addictions so it is important to teach her to face her fears from an early age.