Many people often wonder why modern working moms are always glued to their smart phones when conventional wisdom dictates that they should be handling chores during their every waking moment. What they may not realize is that these magical little boxes are often the money and time-savers that keep these busy women sane.

Through mobile apps, it is now possible to keep track of all aspects of a busy lifestyle including shopping, cooking, kids’ health and wellbeing, billing and chores. Here, we look at some of the free apps available on iTunes and Google Play that every mom should have.


ContinuousCare is an app for every working mom

ContinuousCare (iOS / Android)

This is the one-stop shop in your pocket for every health care need. Some of the great features of ContinuousCare are the ability to store doctors’ appointments, access your family’s medical records, talk to real healthcare specialists, and synchronize the app’s information to monitor any treatments that a family member is currently undergoing. You can schedule a video consult or follow up from the comfort of your home if your doctor has the Virtual Practice app.


An app every working mom should have

Happy Kids Timer (iOS/ Android)

Happy Kids Timer is one of the best apps for the busy mom who would like her kids to follow a regular routine without having to constantly supervise them. Kids can operate the application themselves, as it guides them through tasks such as brushing their teeth and clearing away their toys to making their beds. To keep them motivated to complete their tasks in time, it has cute animation and music that the kids will love.


VarageSale app for the working moms

VarageSale (iOS/ Android)

VarageSale gives you the chance to sell the old or unwanted stuff in your home to your neighbors through your phone. This means that you can now list baby gear, clothes and toys as soon as your kid outgrows them, instead of watching these unused items fill up your home or wasting your weekend on a garage sale. One reason the app is so popular is that it was developed by a mom, and is therefore designed to be as mom-friendly as possible.


Playground buddy is a great app for moms

Playground Buddy (iOS / Android)

This app, available for both iPhones and Android devices is a locator app that will help you find parks and playgrounds all over the world. Now, whenever you are in an unfamiliar place, a new city or simply running errands, you can find somewhere nearby for your kids to burn off some steam. The application allows you to add information an any new entertainment spot or playground you may discover.


Trekaroo an app for every working mom

Trekaroo (iOS)

This application works in a similar was to Playground Buddy, but instead of finding places, you can look for child-friendly activities. It will help you find zoos your kids can visit, child friendly restaurants or hotels and even museums. You can find out what other users think of the venue or activity by accessing the reviews section.


Ink Cards is a great app for moms

Ink Cards (iOS / Android)

Even as technology advances, there is still something very personal and endearing about receiving a message in the mail from a friend or loved one. With Ink Cards, you can now send anything from Christmas cards to thank you notes with one click from right within the app, saving you the hours you may have had to spend addressing envelopes.


An app for moms

TaskRabbit (iOS / Android)

When you find that your typical day has more errands than hours in it, TaskRabbit will ease your burden by allowing you to assign them to someone else to do for you. You could list almost any task on this app, from errands like food delivery and grocery shopping to jobs around your home like cleaning and yard work. TaskRabbit vets all its ‘taskers’ and offers reasonable rates.


An app for working moms

Path (iOS / Android)

Path is, in essence, a micro-sized social networking application. It allows you to have highly intimate networks of only your closest family, allowing you to share messages, photos, thoughts and memories with a much higher degree of privacy than ordinary social networks would allow. It is safe for even the youngest members of your family and offers a fun way to unwind and connect with loved ones in your spare moments.


Chorma app

Chorma (Free, iOS)

When you find yourself overwhelmed with housework and errands, why not offload some of your tasks to those who are supposed to pitch in anyway? Chorma is a unique iOS application that allows members of your family to claim tasks from a listing of chores, earning points for completing them. The ability to offer incentives is a sure way to end any debate regarding who does more to help around the house.


ChoreMonster app for moms

ChoreMonster (iOS / Android)

This app is similar to ChoreMonster, but is mainly targeted at younger kids. It features a similar incentive system, but its main goal is to instill the habit of doing household tasks and completing chores in smaller children. The tasks are categorized into daily and weekly chores, as well as the ages for which certain tasks are appropriate.


Instacart app for shopping moms

Instacart (iOS / Android)

When grocery shopping is no longer one of your concerns, you can use your extra time every week on your kids instead of wasting hours in line at the store behind the person with seemingly thousands of items which each have to be paid by check. With this app, you can compare prices at different stores, make a shopping list and schedule the time you would like your items delivered.


MamaBear is an app for every mom

MamaBear (iOS / Android)

If you worry about the safety of your little ones all the time, then this app is a dream. It covers all the standard safety bases you would expect, such as the location of different members of your family during vacations, automated check-in and monitoring of your child’s driving speed and surveillance of the websites they visit online. In addition, your kids can notify you if they arrive at a destination safely, and it also has a ‘panic button’ that lets you know if they need help.


CareZone app for moms

CareZone (iOS / Android)

One of the toughest tasks for any parent is keeping track of the medicines their children are taking. Carezone takes the stress out of managing prescriptions and dosage instructions for you and your family, while sending you alerts to ensure that your family takes their medicine at the appropriate time without fail. The journal feature monitors reactions to different medicines and gives insights when your kids are on new medication that they have not tried before.