Easy DIY Hacks to Make Your Life Easier, and Cheaper!

Three innocent little letters, D I Y, can cause a great deal of panic when grouped together. People tend to get scared about the idea of creating something themselves, or entrusting their loved ones to complete the job. These easy DIY hacks demonstrate how simple a little homemade sprucing can be, how a touch of creativity can instantly transform a home into a colourful, classy place and how, most importantly, with a decent tool kit and trust in yourself, you can save a significant amount of money by not hiring professionals to complete jobs that are actually super simple. Do It Yourself, it’s not as hard as it looks!


Hack #1: Do NOT Waste Money on Gift Wrapping, DIY!

Store gift wrapping can be a huge scam, paying a couple of extra dollars for a lack lustre sales assistant to wrap your purchase in tissue/plastic/paper then tie with a bow is not worth it. Instead, invest in a ‘gift drawer’, where you keep: coloured tissue paper, decorated plastic wrap and a variety of ribbons as well as a selection of greetings cards, pretty gift bags and scissors and tape. Buying your own gift wrapping equipment is far cheaper than paying for the store service, and takes an extra five minutes of your time.


Hack #2: Do NOT Waste Money on Gifts, DIY!

Don’t roll your eyes just yet, I don’t mean get arts & crafty (although if you have a talent for that sort of thing then use it!), I’m talking food gifts. Food gifts are so underrated; they are easy to make in bulk, they can easily look attractive and people always appreciate them. For instance, invest in some throwaway mini-loaf cake tins, double a recipe for a simple cake and simply store in the freezer for when you need them. Wrap with a ribbon and voila, a thoughtful, tasty gift! Similarly, invest in some mini mason jars and fill them with homemade jam, chutney or sauce (all make in bulk and frozen so you can always utilise it at a days notice), wrap a colourful ribbon around the jars and you have an adorable, and unique gift that didn’t cost much, but screams of effort and care.


Hack #3: Get Creative With Your Storage!

There are many ready-made storage options for us, but sometimes we have difficulty using them beyond there prescribed function. Plastic shoe holders than hang on a door of your closet can be used for much more than shoes: what about stuffing each compartment with snacks and hanging it on your pantry door? Or hanging one on your bathroom door filled with cosmetics? You save on buying extra cupboards and drawers and everything is instantly accessible. Similarly, don’t waste money on storage units, but instead use floating shelves. These are essentially planks of wood with a couple of reinforcements, stuck to your wall with a hammer and nails. They’re cheap, they decorate your walls, and you can spruce them up with a lick of paint. Easy.


baking soda DIY hack

Hack #4: Baking Soda is Magical!

Instead of splurging on household cleaning products, turn to everyday items you probably already have in your pantry to help you. Baking soda is a phenomenal thing, it can remove stains from your carpet or couch coach if you sprinkle a thin layer on, it can clean your oven when mixed with vinegar and rubbed onto the surface, it can clean coffee stains when scrubbed onto the affected area and make your silverware sparkly again! This is just one example of the many DIY solutions to problems you would otherwise spend a lot of money solving.


Hack #5: Put Your Kids to Good Use!

Kids are always looking for something to do, so use them to help you! Be it a cleaning race to see who can finish their job first, a fun bunting making craft activity to decorate your home, or baking cakes all afternoon, these little humans are filled with manpower that can seriously help you!


Hack #6: DIY Your Beauty Products!

The cosmetics industry is worth billions, and both women and men are guilty of spending far more than is reasonable on a tiny jar of ‘magical’ cream. Instead of spending a fortune on grooming, cut corners by making your own treatments from natural products. Instead of a hair mask, rub coconut oil into your hair to keep it smooth and shiny, or drop some oatmeal into your bath if you’ve been out in the sun a little too long, or your skin is red and itchy. For dry skin, simply mash up a banana and apply as a face mask, add a couple of spoonfuls of honey for that healthy glow.