Bitcoin is the next generation of digital currency, which is created and stored electronically, without any centralized control by a government or central bank. Bitcoins are not printed in the same way dollars or Euros are – they are instead produced by ordinary people using a complex algorithm in a process known as Bitcoin mining. Bitcoin has truly ushered in a new era in finance as the leading form of cryptocurrency and you just might be wondering – “how can I earn Bitcoins online?”.

You can use your website or blog to earn Bitcoins and other popular digital currencies without the need for you to be at your computer all the time. Using the methods outlined below will definitely save you plenty of the time and energy and will enable you to monetize a website with Bitcoins.

Why Is Bitcoin So Popular?

The most vital characteristic of Bitcoin, and one which makes it so different from conventional currency is the fact that it is decentralized. There is no single institution in control of the Bitcoin network. This puts its users at ease, as they do not have to worry about a large bank or financial institution controlling their money.

In the late 2000s, at the height of the global financial crisis, many people lost their valuable investments and got frustrated at how global finance operated, and Bitcoin was the smart way out. The new age of cryptocurrency and its decentralized processes rocked the financial markets when it emerged into the limelight. While many in the banking sector initially laughed it off, it was quickly embraced by online investors, forcing the industry to sit up and take notice.

Do not be left behind by this new revolution in global finance. Monetize your website or blog and earn Bitcoins in one or more of the following ways:

  1. Find a Trusted Bitcoin Faucet and Link Your Website or Blog

One the best and easiest ways to earn free cryptocurrency from your blog is to sign up with a trusted Bitcoin faucet. By signing up and adding a referral link on the pages of your website, there is a good chance for you to earn Bitcoins through referral commissions when these links are clicked on.

The affiliate programs available on these Bitcoin faucets give you a link to their respective sites that allow them to track visitors, earning you a commission each time one of your referrals makes a purchase. Unlike other referral programs, where you earn reward points of traditional currency, Bitcoin faucets let you claim your earnings in Bitcoins.

This strategy works best when the referrals are highly targeted. This often means that you may have to place the links within the text of the post itself, rather than as a banner on the page. For instance, if your blog post discusses Bitcoin faucets, then you could include links that lead visitors to the best faucets. However, there is one thing you need to be aware of with this strategy – avoid bundling in loads of shoddy products simply because their affiliate links are available. This may be harmful to your blog’s reputation and long-term success.

There is such a huge number of Bitcoin affiliate programs available that it is impossible to have them all listed here. What you need to do is read through various online reviews, look for affiliate programs on your favorite websites and visit the websites of companies relevant to your posts.

  1. Register with a Pay per Click Advertising Network

Bitcoin Pay per Click AdvertisingThere are several advertising networks that give you a snippet of JavaScript code that you can paste somewhere within your blog to generate text and banner ads. If your blog runs on the WordPress platform, the best way to do this is paste the code within a text widget, under the ‘appearance’ tab in the admin backend. Depending on the network, you then stand to earn Bitcoins for each visitor who clicks on the ads.

  • BitClix: A favorite of many blog and website owners, BitClix offers a remarkably large selection of advertisers as well as pretty good pay per click rates. In addition, they will accept most blogs and websites, as long as you are not involved in anything illegal or indecent.
  • CoinURL: Besides text ads and on-page banners, CoinURL provides interstitial ads as well as a link-shortening service for additional revenue streams. You should know, however, that they are considerably pickier than BitClix when it comes to approving your website or blog.
  • BitMedia: This is a high-quality advertising network that provides you with a lot of control over how ads are displayed on the pages of your blog.
  • Anonymous Ads: This is a unique network, offering complete anonymity to both advertisers and publishers, where neither needs to sign up. All that is needed is a Bitcoin address (as well as some coins for advertisers).
  1. Use Bitcoin Traffic Exchanges

Bitcoin Traffic ExchangesHow a Bitcoin traffic exchange works is that you view the web pages of other members of the exchange in return for views of your own page. They are so popular that, each day, thousands of people join such services. Each time you open a web page on another member’s blog or website and view it for a certain period of time, for instance 20 seconds, you get credited. On the other hand, your credits decrease each time your pages are viewed.

In addition, almost all ad networks let you develop a network of referrals. Quite often, this network will extend to a depth of several levels, which means that as your referrals refer other people, you stand to gain additional credits from the traffic exchange.

So, how do traffic exchanges help you to earn Bitcoins from your website? Thanks to the effect of increasing your visitor numbers by promoting your site to its members, you can use pay per click or a Bitcoin faucet as a way to turn the increased number of visitors into Bitcoins each time they then make a purchase using your affiliate links.

  1. Premium and Pay per Impression Ad Networks

While, on paper, Pay per Click advertising is the quickest and easiest way for you to earn Bitcoins from your website or blog, it is quite often the least profitable. Your largest pay days are more likely to be the result of direct relationships with different advertisers who choose to run their advertising on your blog if they think that your audience fits well with their product, company or brand image, or that your visitors have the potential to become their paying customers.

That being said, finding this type of advertiser is no walk in the park. Premium ad networks will act as a kind of middleman between your website and the deep-pocketed advertisers willing to pay for exposure using Bitcoins. Some of these premium networks include:

  1. Premium Content and Paywalls

earn bitcoins with premium content If you are a publisher of premium or niche content and have a base of loyal visitors who trust your opinions, it may be possible to convince visitors to your blog to pay a small fee to access your posts. You may choose to charge a fee per post for specific high-value content or a monthly access fee. It is never easy to convince people to pay for access to content when so much of it is available for free on the internet, but there are some publishers who manage to do it, and earn a huge amount of money in the process.

This strategy works best if you work within a highly specific niche area that is not adequately served by free online content. You may also consider it if you are an authority who can offer regular content from an expert point of view.

There are a number of websites which you can use to help you set up a Bitcoin paywall, including:

With so many options available in the market today, you should definitely consider monetizing a website with Bitcoins. This digital currency is going to continue to make great waves and you should ensure that you are riding it too!