Google Home Mini was the most popular smart speaker in Q2

Despite Google’s smart speakers launching after Amazon’s Echo, the Google Assistant has quickly caught up and is now leading the battle.

According to Strategy Analytics, Google Home Mini accounted for 20% of global smart speaker sales in Q2 of 2018. Or better yet, one of every five smart speaker shipments was Google’s impressive Home Mini. The sales totaled in 2.3 million over the 3-month period. The standard Google Home captured 7% of the market with about 800,000 units shipped.

home mini Q2

With the Home Mini and Echo Dot priced considerably low, they managed to grasp a combined 17% revenue share. In the premium side of the market, Apple managed to dominate with an estimated 70% share of smart speakers priced at $200 or more. Apple is reportedly gearing up for a cheaper/mini speaker launch – but that’s still in the rumors side of things.

In the three months ending June 30, Google has managed to remind us of their strength. The Home Mini managed to provide us an impressive launch that only makes this arena that much more interesting. The more companies to join this race, the better products and prices we should see int he coming future.