When PCs started appearing in offices, places of learning and homes, we were told that they would save us time in everyday life.  That may have been true at one time but in recent years, we’ve managed to create more stuff-to-do within that free time.  Today’s apps for everyday life are a boon to busy people and a great way to get through our daily tasks using our smart devices.

As at June 2016, it was estimated that Apple users could access 2 million apps, while Android users had 2.2 million apps at their disposal – a huge amount of apps for everyday life.  There are apps for virtually every need and want, with developers around the world hard at work designing new ones and updating the best of the old ones.

Some are already well-known and have been upgraded in recent months.  Your final selection, though, will always depend on your personal choice and preferences.  Here are some apps for everyday you may like to consider downloading to your smartphone, and they are all free for iOS and Android.

PocketGuard - App for eVerydayPocketGuard

This is not something you put in your pocket to prevent getting ink stains on your shirt.  This app helps guard the cash in your pocket by offering bank account tracking and budget management.  You can keep an eye on cash in your accounts, and what your average spend per day should be.

Connecting to your bank via an encrypted connection, PocketGuard will sort purchases, subscriptions and bill payments and enable you to see your transactions securely.  This app can help reduce overspending and avoid overdraft fees.


Wanting to plan a barbeque or need to know what to pack for a weekend away?  Precise Weather YoWindow offers a detailed forecast with beautiful animated images and sounds that can be changed and/or silenced.  The images can also be used as wallpaper.  Just give YoWindow permission to access your location and a 10-day forecast will appear within seconds.

When you select cities or towns in another time zone, the current time will change to that zone.  Add as many locations as you like; it’s very easy to change the properties and remove a location when no longer needed.



Now this is truly an app for everyday life. Yes, this is still the most popular instant messaging (IM) app, and it is touted to remain the best going into 2017.  At the end of last year, WhatsApp enabled users to make free video calls to friends and family (i.e. no airtime required, but data charges may apply).

It’s simple to set up, messages are delivered instantly, and you can see when a message has been successfully sent, delivered and opened.  WhatsApp makes it easy to chat to friends via text and voice, create group text chats, and share images and videos.


Google Calendar

Every OS comes with its own default calendar/appointment app but Google Calendar is said to be the best.

Who amongst us doesn’t have something to remember in everyday life?  Whether it’s someone’s birthday, doctor’s appointment, gym work-outs or flight departure/arrival times, we all need a reliable, quick to enter, easy to read calendar to help us keep organized.

Every view is clear – whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly – and you can select Goals, such as exercise time and me-time, to name just two of the five preset goals.  Flight confirmations will even be pulled in automatically from Gmail.

Alternative non-Gregorian calendars are available for Android Nougat and, in G-Suite only, you can add colleagues as guests to your scheduled event, while Google Calendar will find a time suitable for everyone and a room for the meeting!


Thought that Flickr was Instagram’s poor cousin?  Think again.

There are a number of reasons why Flickr should be your go-to app for picture sharing:

  • Photo resolution is better and photos can be downloaded in either full or reduced resolution.
  • Photos won’t end up being cropped into a limiting square.
  • Create albums to keep different photos organized by category, e.g. event or person.
  • It offers social interactions such as Like and Comment.
  • Flickr allows for safe searching through filters that ensure they are appropriate for any age and preference.

With the selfie revolution still very much active and our desire to photograph and video everything we see, Flickr definitely ranks as one of the must have apps for everyday life!

Flickr - Everday life App


This multi-device, high quality music app has the most to offer, from ad-free music that can be downloaded for off-line listening, to podcast and video streaming.

Spotify has over 30 million songs to choose from, and you can browse and search by artist, album, genre and your own playlists, which you can then share with friends as tracks or complete playlists.

Although free for its basic unlimited play-time and shuffle services, premium services start at $0.99 per month for the first three months, with different subscription rates for individual and family packages that offer the full range of services.



Here is one of the cool apps every mom should have in her everyday life.  BigOven has over 350,000 recipes and even offers a solution for left-overs – just type in up to three ingredients and get recipe suggestions.  BigOven lets you create a shopping list, mark recipes as either Try or Favorite, and you can share recipes, upload your own recipes, and see what your favorite food bloggers, family and friends are cooking.



If you have a job at home that is too big as a DIY project, HomeAdvisor (previously called Service Magic) is there to help you find the right person for the job.  This is probably one of the best apps that every dad should have.

You can upload photos of the problem along with a description and then wait for local professionals to contact you with their estimates.  All service providers are vetted for past criminal activities, as well as their financial backgrounds, to ensure they aren’t fly-by-nights.   Once you receive the estimates, you can schedule appointments with them for at-home quotes.  Previous reviews of each provider are also available on HomeAdvisor.

With so many apps for everyday life available today, there simply isn’t a reason why your life cannot be more organized. Give some of these apps a try and you are sure to find some spare time to have some fun and relaxation!