Madonna – When Only The Queen Remains


When only the Queen Remains


The past decade has seen many tragic losses in the music industry. The death of Michael Jackson, the “King of Pop”, caused an outpouring of tears and a show of love where many of the young stars of today were affected. The news of Whitney Houston’s death was tragic as the world lost one of the best female singers that ever existed. This year, a true visionary, David Bowie, lost his battle to Cancer and now Prince tragically passed away.


Only the queen remains


But, alas, there is one constant that remains, one, that I believe will be back in the musical headlines as she always does, re-inventing herself and inspiring millions of wanna-be pop stars and fashionistas all over the world – and that is Madonna – all hail the “Queen”.


Madonna’s story is truly inspiring. She was a girl who believed strongly enough in herself to defy all odds and make it in one of the hardest industries to break into. You see, back in those days, there was no YouTube or Facebook which gave a platform to a multitude of artists. There was no “Idols” or “The Voice” which gave people access to immediate fame. Back in the day you had to claw and fight your way to the top and prove that you could do it and stay there.


Madonna lost her mother to breast cancer very early in her life. She was an excellent student in school achieving high marks and was on the cheerleading team. After school she arrived in New York with literally very little money, having to pose in the nude even just to scrape enough money together to survive. The one thing she was really good at was dancing.


She eventually formed the band “The Breakfast Club” with her ex-boyfriend Dan Gilroy, where she played drums and guitar and became the lead singer. She then formed another band “Emmy” with former drummer boyfriend Stephen Bray. But Madonna was never meant to be part of a band. A true Leo, she was meant to stand out on her own, a lioness for all the world to shine its light upon.


She teased the public and broke all the rules. Her performance of ‘Like a Virgin’ at the MTV music awards was both erotic and controversial. ‘Like a Prayer’ hit the Catholic community with Madonna’s video of a burning crosses and inter-racial love. The song even featured in a Pepsi commercial but stopped airing once the MTV version was released.


Madonna never cared about what others thought. She gave women power. She emanated the statement that it’s ok to have sex with a guy or a girl – it doesn’t matter – as long as you claim your own sexuality. She proved that women can be very powerful – she remains one of the wealthiest women in the world and is worth over a billion dollars.


Madonna also had steamy and controversial relationships throughout her life dating a range of men and women from John F. Kennedy Junior, bad-boy ex-husband Sean Penn, Warren Beatty, Vanilla Ice, Tupac Shakur, nightclub owner Ingrid Casares, Alex Rodriguez ,Dennis Rodman, Carlos Leon – father of Lourdes to Guy Ritchie – ex-husband and father of Rocco amongst others.


Only the queen remains


What I admire the most about Madonna, besides her chameleon-like persona and constant ability to reinvent herself, is her self-discipline.  She is a very hard worker. She also takes very good care of her body, exercising and eating healthy. She’s an inspiration to many women.


Many artists of today are who they are because of Madonna’s inspirational footsteps that lead the path to the emancipation of women in the music industry to explore their sexuality, to be sassy, confident, strong and have the ability to say ‘No’.


Where would Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus – a whole range of popular musicians reminiscent of the Queen herself be without Madonna?


And where is Madonna today?


After Prince’s death she paid tribute to him at the Billboard Music Awards, donned in a sparkling purple outfit, singing “Nothing Compares to You” and “Purple Rain” with Stevie Wonder. She has been in a custody battle over her teenage son Rocco with ex-husband British film director, producer and screenwriter Guy Ritchie. Her beautiful look-alike daughter Lourdes, whom she had with Cuban-born personal trainer turned actor Carlos Leon many years ago, has begun a modelling career.


With all the stars today taking over the charts, the youth that have enormous prominence over the audio world, it is Madonna that will always remain the “Queen of Pop” having made an enormous difference in not only the world of music but the world of women, of celebrity, of fitness, of re-invention, of single motherhood. Madonna is proof that a woman can do it all – and stay at the top of her game.