7 Mysteries That Science Cannot Explain

Everyone loves a good mystery. In fact, the more unexplainable events around us and in our history have long been the stuff that makes our imaginations run wild. We have always been fascinated by questions like: Is time travel possible? Where did Amelia Earhart go? How did ancient people build Stonehenge or the Pyramids?


The common theme in all of these occurrences is that they do not appear to have any rational explanation based in science, but have various theoretical explanations that are often pretty wild (and cannot be conclusively proven). Let us have a look at some of the events and occurrences that continue to baffle some of mankind’s best and brightest.


The Voynich Manuscript

The famous and mysterious Voynich Manuscript is an ancient text that has a mind boggling 170,000 characters contained in 246 pages. The manuscript is also full of strange illustrations. The script that makes up the manuscript is unintelligible and its origin is unknown. Following carbon dating carried out by scientists from the University of Arizona, it was discovered that the manuscript was written at some point between 1404 and 1438.

Beyond determining the age of the manuscript, scientists have been unable to make head or tail of the complex text and its botanical illustrations. There are people who have suggested the manuscript is a medical book, while others assert that it is an ancient alchemist’s manual. Still others claim that the pages of the mysterious book contain secret messages or prophesy.


The Baigong Pipes

Located at Mount Baigong in China, the Baigong pipes are a mysterious physical structure that resembles walls of iron pipes. What continues to puzzle historians and scientists is that the pipes run deep into ancient caves and analysis of the structures reveals that they consist of an unusual blend of iron and silicon dioxide.


If the pipes were created by ancient peoples, they would have needed to have sophisticated drilling and iron forging equipment that was not in existence at the time the pipes were believed to have been created. What is more, the pipes come in a range of sizes, from toothpick-sized tubes to some very large pipes. These mysterious pipes extend to a nearby lake, with some actually buried in the lake bed.


Scientists in China have studied the structure for decades, but have still been unable to come up with an explanation of their origin and purpose. This has led many people to believe that the structures were built by extraterrestrials.



Whenever someone mentions a mythical and mysterious structure, most people will think about Stonehenge. Built more than 5,000 years ago, the monument served an unknown purpose. Located at Salisbury, England, Stonehenge has a complex and unexplainable origin. What continues to puzzle many scientists is that some of the stones weigh as much as 25 tons, which means that they would be impossible for ancient civilizations to lift them into place. Despite being one of the most famous and studied ancient sites, it appears that Stonehenge may continue to be one of the greatest mysteries in human history.


Giant Stone Balls of Costa Rica

Stonehenge is the most famous mysterious, man-made rock formation, but Costa Rica also has its own stone-based mystery of giant proportions. The stone balls in this South American nation are perfectly spherical and range in size from a few millimeters to huge boulders that are up to 8 feet wide. The smooth finish of these stone spheres cannot be matched to any of the crude tools wielded by the ancient inhabitants of the region. The balls, which are eerily similar, are found in collections that are scattered all over the Costa Rican countryside, which makes identification of their source impossible.


The Mystery Hum of Taos

When the residents of the small town of Taos, New Mexico, started hearing a weird hum in the mid 1990s, they were baffled. The result was that this art-based community became the subject of a range of wild conspiracy theories. Some of these include stories that the community was being used covertly by the government to conduct mind control experiments and that there was an underground extraterrestrial base underneath the town.


Research carried out by an engineering professor from the University of New Mexico, Joe Mullins, concluded that the hum was not only heard by two percent of the town’s residents, but that each of them heard the sound in a different way.


Although background noise is a plausible explanation for the phenomenon, its cause is officially undetermined.


The Placebo Effect

In various medical experiments carried out over the years, the placebo effect and how it affects healing has been extensively investigated. While the Placebo Effect is accepted as a medical fact, scientists have still not been able to figure out how it works and why people would be affected by pills with no active medical ingredients.


According to a report in MedicineNet, many patients have reported marked improvement in their illnesses after a placebo was administered, even after finding out the medicine they took was a fake pill.


What is even stranger is that when placebos are given to patients, they invoke both healing effects and feelings of side effects despite not being active drugs. A landmark research finding in 1955 reported that 32 percent of patients who took part in a series of 26 studies reported reactions to placebo pills.


The Disappearance of Fred Valetich

History is full of mysterious occurrences regarding aviation accidents and disappearances, but one of the most curious cases involves Fred Valentich, an Australian pilot. During a training flight in 1978 in his Cessna 128 aircraft, he contacted Melbourne air traffic control to state that he had seen a mysterious craft flying above his small plane, and that his engine was malfunctioning.


On later contact, he said that the strange craft was not any kind of airplane he could identify and that the object was orbiting his plane at high speed. Immediately after this, metallic scraping sounds were heard and he disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again. Despite an extensive search, no wreckage was ever found. What Valentich saw, and where he disappeared to, remains one of the most baffling aviation mysteries of all time.


The question of; are we as humans alone in the universe should be changed to: Are we alone on our planet?


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