The Porn Industry and Lost Little Girls

Recently Kim Kardashian West posted a selfie of herself completely naked sans two bars that covered her nipples and vagina. There was a huge reaction from media personalities and celebrities such as Bette Midler expressing their negative views on what she had done. Kim replied that she was not a slut but was entitled to

The Art of Gratitude

Every morning we wake up to a new day. The Dalai Lama has this to say about Gratitude and Kindness: “Every day, think as you wake up, today I am fortunate to be alive. I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it. I am going to use all my energies

7 Mysteries That Science Cannot Explain

Everyone loves a good mystery. In fact, the more unexplainable events around us and in our history have long been the stuff that makes our imaginations run wild. We have always been fascinated by questions like: Is time travel possible? Where did Amelia Earhart go? How did ancient people build Stonehenge or the Pyramids?  

Easy DIY Hacks to Make Your Life Easier, and Cheaper!

Three innocent little letters, D I Y, can cause a great deal of panic when grouped together. People tend to get scared about the idea of creating something themselves, or entrusting their loved ones to complete the job. These easy DIY hacks demonstrate how simple a little homemade sprucing can be, how a touch of

The Morphing Coyote Creature

In the animal world, the coyote is considered by some biologist to be the ultimate survivor. For over 300,000 years this cunning canid has hunted prey in the forested mountains, grassy plains, and arid deserts of North and Central America.   Depending on their environment, coyote colors range from a salt and pepper gray to

Tips to Help a Loved One Quit Smoking

Seeing someone you love smoking their life away can be tough to watch. However, a smoker needs to decide to stop smoking because they understand how it will be of benefit to them, not because they are being pushed by someone else to stop. Your loved one may avoid cigarettes for your sake; however, for

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