Tips to Help a Loved One Quit Smoking

Seeing someone you love smoking their life away can be tough to watch. However, a smoker needs to decide to stop smoking because they understand how it will be of benefit to them, not because they are being pushed by someone else to stop. Your loved one may avoid cigarettes for your sake; however, for

10 Truths about Successful People

Have you ever wondered why some people are so wildly successful? Do they know a big secret that everyone else does not? Did they stumble upon a great idea that no one else will ever match? Or maybe they won the genetic lottery, and were born into the right family. Maybe they are just smarter

Seven of Literature’s Best Female Characters

Dorothea Brooke Dorothea is a character that readers tend to feel strongly about. She grates on some (most likely because she is stubborn, a religious fanatic, and quite a prude) but there exist plenty others who adore her. This is a sign that George Eliot did something right when she created Dorothea. The star of

Kidulthood and Coming of Age

The relatively modern concept of adolescence is continuously broadening its boundaries. Whereas this initially referred to those entering their teenage years on their journeys to becoming adults, post-university attendees are beginning to re-visit their teenage lifestyle following completion of their studies. Thus, the last ten years have seen a “second adolescence,” if you will, wherein

Question the Question “What Do You Do?”

It seems like “What do you do?” is usually about the first or second question I get asked when I meet someone new. It’s a question we’re faced with constantly, and yet I still struggle to improvise an answer each time as if I’ve never been asked before. Part of that has to do with

Growing Old – The Lighter Side

Growing old is one those funny things in life that you don’t realize is even happening until you wake up one morning and it dawns upon on you that you’re closer to fifty or sixty than you ever imagined. That’s when you know age has finally caught up with you. The famous one liner from

The Craziest Fitness Trends of the Last 100 Years

Ever since the Olympics of Ancient Greece, humanity has striven for physical perfection through varying forms of exercise and, like most things, there are particular exercises which have proved more popular than others. The concept of ‘fashionable’ exercise is admittedly humorous but undoubtably a continuous phenomenon. From hula hooping to Zumba, the Western World have

Population Shift or Refugee Crisis?

One of the biggest news items filling print and electronic media for most of the 21st century has been about the continual movement of refugees leaving Africa and the Middle East and making their way for Europe and other parts of the world. These refugees might all be leaving their native countries, but that is

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