Quick tips to boost well-being

Happiness, or well-being, is a state that affects every cell in the body. This feeling lives within but can become buried in the debris of self-doubt, depression, low self esteem, environmental factors, unhealthy choices, poor diet, and just about everything else our modern lifestyles throw at us. Human beings are saturated with the negativity that can

Tea vs Coffee; Cases for Caffeine

As a Brit, I am passionate about tea, and hold very strong opinions on the subject. One of my main complaints regarding tea are the poor excuses for teabags found abroad; weak and watery producing an unappetising layer of scum floating atop your drink, they tarnish tea’s good name. Of course, the optimum cup of

Global Warming – Fact or Fiction

Every day the news is filled with stories about global warming and the ongoing debate between scientists and politicians. One of the key challenges is that politicians with no scientific background and opinions that are very often derived as a result of political demands and political expediency, are making important energy decisions. At the core

How to Talk To Your Kids about Tragedies in the News

Every day, the news media on TV, radio and the internet bombard us with news of fresh disasters and tragedies ranging from hurricanes, storms, earthquakes, fires, tornadoes and tsunamis to terrorism and war. All of these are events bring plenty of fear and concern to adults, so it is not hard to imagine just how

5 Reasons Why Children Should Own Pets

I believe that every child should have the opportunity of owning a pet as they mature into adulthood. This topic divides many parents, as they worry about the work that a child’s pet animal will ultimately bring them. Whilst having an animal in the home will add extra responsibilities, the advantages and lessons that it

Soylent Red – Cultured Meat

Population experts predict that, by the year 2100, there will be 10 billion humans on the Earth. And yet, the world has not made valid plans regarding how to develop enough food to feed that number of people. Second only to clean water availability, feeding their people could end up being the biggest problem facing

The Black Rat . . . Our Insidious Opponent

If we remove humans from the equation, rats have contributed to the deaths of more people than any other creature on the face of the earth. Rats carry and transmit more than forty deadly diseases. Scholars estimate that rats have caused the deaths of more people than the combination of all the wars, revolutions, revolts,

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