Moderation as the Key to Diet Success

The amount of diets, health plans and eating advice has entered the ridiculous; every week a new, fashionable fad earns headlines, only to be replaced with a successor the following week which often, entirely contradicts the first. Clearly, many scientists/dieticians/nutritionists (delete as applicable) have their own philosophies as to staying skinny, but honestly, who knows

Dogs vs Cats; A Case for Canines

Pet enthusiasts love debating the perks of their favoured species, and the disadvantages of others. A new documentary from the BBC centres around the quintessential pet debate: Dogs vs Cats, and the claws are out. The documentary explores a range of research related to the two popular household pets, providing even more fuel and material

Lucid Dreaming

What if you could walk the enormous Valles Marineris on Mars, one of the biggest canyon system in the Solar System? Or, if you are more of a “down to Earth” type of person, what if you could ascend Mt. Everest – within the comfortable setting of your own bed?   You can with a

Windows 10 is Coming Ready or Not

To upgrade to Windows 10, or not to upgrade? Microsoft wants us to upgrade to their new Windows 10 operating system and as we know, change isn’t always easy. This could definitely be one of the reason why thousands of users are hanging on so tightly to older versions of Windows. Despite the resistance, Microsoft

Top Family Dog Breeds

I was introduced to my first family dog as a newborn.  His name was Timmy – a Staffie-cross who used to do crazy things like climb walls and run amok on neighbours roofs ( yes this really happened) followed by Lena – a gorgeous fox terrier cross that I chose from the SPCA with my

Weird Laws in Maryland

Maryland is a wonderful state. Located in the mid-Atlantic states, Maryland is a crossroads between the traditional North and South in the US. In the metropolitan Baltimore and Washington areas, you can find a vast array of businesses and services from around the world reflecting one of the most diverse populations in the country. Outside

Dating the 12 men of the Zodiac

With Valentine’s Day around the corner we all know what to expect. We are bombarded with images of love from mugs and teddy bears displaying the slogan ‘I Love You’ to specials on flowers, chocolates and lingerie. For some it is a special day of love. For most it is a special reminder of how

The Rise of the Dinner Party

The dinner party is back. With the genre of the cookery television programme gaining momentum over the past decade, the widely recognised ‘foodie’ personality trait and various methods of eating earning serious attention, it was inevitable. Dinner parties may not have caught up to your social circles quite yet, being currently reserved for those old

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