Weird Laws in Maryland

Maryland is a wonderful state. Located in the mid-Atlantic states, Maryland is a crossroads between the traditional North and South in the US. In the metropolitan Baltimore and Washington areas, you can find a vast array of businesses and services from around the world reflecting one of the most diverse populations in the country. Outside

Dating the 12 men of the Zodiac

With Valentine’s Day around the corner we all know what to expect. We are bombarded with images of love from mugs and teddy bears displaying the slogan ‘I Love You’ to specials on flowers, chocolates and lingerie. For some it is a special day of love. For most it is a special reminder of how

The Rise of the Dinner Party

The dinner party is back. With the genre of the cookery television programme gaining momentum over the past decade, the widely recognised ‘foodie’ personality trait and various methods of eating earning serious attention, it was inevitable. Dinner parties may not have caught up to your social circles quite yet, being currently reserved for those old

Senator’s Son – Defense Industry

“We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military–industrial complex,” Dwight D. Eisenhower, former President and Supreme Commander of Allied Expeditionary Forces. As we approach the crazy times, also known as the U.S Presidential primary season, there is a lot of rhetoric being thrown around by the candidates

A taste of bizarre languages

There are roughly about 7000 languages spoken in the world today, however despite the technological advances of the post industrialist era that we live in, linguists don’t have a clear notion of how many languages are out there. The most extensive catalog of the world’s languages is that of Ethnologue (published by SIL International), whose

The curious case of Phineas Gage

Take a good look at the vintage photograph above. For a time well before selfies, when taking photographs was rare, why is his left eye closed? Furthermore, what is the strange object he is holding in his hand? Original owners of the photo themselves could not provide answers to those questions themselves. Jack and Beverly

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