Cosmic at Comicon

What convinces adults to dress up like it’s Halloween, shell out a small fortune to see others similarly dressed, and is one of the most fun things to do with any type of clothes on? It’s time for Comicon! In 1970, a group of comic book connoisseurs from San Diego decided to hold a comic

Has Freedom Lost It’s Meaning?

“True freedom is experienced when we choose to take responsibility for those things that we need to do to release us from the chains of our own comforts and limitations. It’s not doing whatever we want, but doing whatever we need to do that breaks the chains and sets us free.” Karen Berg  When we are

The Art of DNA

All living things on Earth have one thing in common. They all have DNA. What is DNA? I’ve always struggled with this question, never quite grasping the answer. What I am able to interpret is that DNA is made up of a mix of amino acids called adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine. And the mix

All Hail The New King (That’s an Order)

Since he first came into the league, a mere 18 year old straight out of high school, Lebron James was crowned king of the NBA. Before he ever played his first professional game he was already labeled as the ‘new Michael Jordan’. Jordan was undoubtedly a one of a kind player-persona combination. A star so

‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Breaks Out With Edgy Comedy

It took three years after the debut of her half-hour comedy show, but suddenly Amy Schumer is everywhere — on TV talk shows, on the cover of magazines and in social media clips of her Comedy Central show. Her cover on Entertainment Weekly magazine brilliantly parodies the film “American Beauty,” in which a nubile young

Should A Diamond Be For Never?

We’ve all heard the slogan: “A diamond is forever.” But who really made that decision? What exactly is a diamond and why is it worth so much?   The word diamond is derived from the ancient Greek word adamas, meaning unbreakable. Diamonds are formed 100 miles deep in the Earth’s mantle where carbon is subjected

Tesla Battery Begins Race for Energy Storage Tech

The electric car-maker Tesla recently launched a home lithium-ion battery system called Powerwall to back up solar systems and store power during low-cost electric usage periods, such as 3 a.m. While it’s not the Holy Grail dedicated solar energy users have been waiting for—a cost-effective and powerful system that could permanently remove them from the

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