The Emergence of the Wireless Age

On May 7, 1898, New York City’s Madison Square Garden held its first electrical convention. Standing before a crowd of thousands, Nikola Tesla, a well-respected inventor and electrical genius, demonstrated the wireless control of a four-foot long motorboat equipped with antennas and lights. As he walked around the side of the large indoor pool in

When is the Majority not a Majority?

As we stumble through the 21st Century, we are seeing major changes taking place in the world. International borders are collapsing. Human rights and social programs are being abandoned in the name of greed. Religion has become aggressive and violent, proving the old adage, “More people have been killed in the name of God than

The Rise of Women in American Politics

Women in the United States gained the right to vote in 1920—after more than six decades of demonstrations, letter-writing campaigns and appeals to Congress by educated, upper-class women who demanded a voice and roles in politics. Since then, progress for American women in politics has been equally slow. Women have gained behind-the-scenes influence in groups

From Arm Clock to Apple Watch

“Calling Dick Tracy. Calling Dick Tracy. We have a report that Apple has announced a new watch that will outdo yours. And, it’s selling for only $17,000.”   Steve Jobs was a visionary. With the introduction of the new Apple Watch, I’ve determined I’m not. After 35 years in the computer industry, I think I’m

American Football: A Modern Day Bloodsport?

Chris Borland, a linebacker and key player for the San Francisco 49ers, announced this week that he was retiring from the Pros. Players retire from football everyday so what makes this announcement so unusual? Borland is only 24, just starting his second year in professional football, and he is walking away from a $3 million

The Overweight American

You don’t have to be a doctor to recognize a health problem when you see one. If you watch the evening news you’ll notice Americans of all races and ages are disproportionally overweight. Doctors, research scientists, and others in the health community have come up with dozens of reasons for this apparent epidemic. Every year

Strange Laws

One of the major debates raging today in the US is the battle between federal and states’ rights. Many states feel that state law trumps federal law when a conflict arises. According to the US Constitution, federal law takes precedence, but with all the rhetoric bouncing around on this subject, maybe we should review some

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