Za’atar; More Than a Herb

Za’atar. Never has one herb contained so much history, political significance and variety. It has been used as a medicine, as a flavouring an accompaniment into the after life and in ritual ceremonies. It is the subject of debate, of laws, and makes for a delectable perfume. To understand its true significance makes it taste

Hot Weather vs. Cold Weather

Growing up in Northern England was wonderful in many ways, with one large, grey cloud (literally) threatening to dampen everything: the weather. It is a stereotype of the British that we constantly discuss the weather. It’s true, we do. The main reason being that we are deprived of, so desperate for a slither of sunshine

Why You Should Write

People used to write more. In Jane Austen novels, the characters are constantly picking up a pen to jot something down. Granted, this was their main means of communication without hopping on a horse to trot off and deliver the message in person but, still, there are important lessons to be learned from such practices.

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