Why Don’t We Know Anything About the World?

  Sitting in a cafe with a couple of girlfriends one hot afternoon, our conversation turned to travel. We compared backpacking experiences, related funny stories and offered one another a glimpse into foreign cultures. Each of us encouraged the others to tell us more, to share more. We were all fascinated by these unique insights

The Mystery of the Burning Man Festival

The Burning Man festival is an occurrence so off the beaten path that many have never heard of it, or have a vague idea as to what it entails usually formed in their own imaginations. Those who are a little more familiar approach this, now global, phenomenon with caution, the event itself shrouded in mystery

A taste of bizarre languages

There are roughly about 7000 languages spoken in the world today, however despite the technological advances of the post industrialist era that we live in, linguists don’t have a clear notion of how many languages are out there. The most extensive catalog of the world’s languages is that of Ethnologue (published by SIL International), whose