Sweet Dreams; Sleeping Secrets

A few years ago, whilst in my final year of University, I was suffering. Not only from anxiety and panic attacks, which I could handle, but also from sleepless nights. Or, more specifically, I would fall asleep like a baby but wake up every night at around 2am, and remain wide awake for the following

Yoga 101

Yoga today is huge. It has become a way of life, a status (“I’m a yogi”), a fashion. Whilst totally worthy of the hype – it really does increase flexibility, strength and help you to relax – 21st century yoga often comes across as a little intimidating. If you are not a twenty-something who can

The Craziest Fitness Trends of the Last 100 Years

Ever since the Olympics of Ancient Greece, humanity has striven for physical perfection through varying forms of exercise and, like most things, there are particular exercises which have proved more popular than others. The concept of ‘fashionable’ exercise is admittedly humorous but undoubtably a continuous phenomenon. From hula hooping to Zumba, the Western World have