5 Reasons Why Children Should Own Pets

I believe that every child should have the opportunity of owning a pet as they mature into adulthood. This topic divides many parents, as they worry about the work that a child’s pet animal will ultimately bring them. Whilst having an animal in the home will add extra responsibilities, the advantages and lessons that it

Dogs vs Cats; A Case for Canines

Pet enthusiasts love debating the perks of their favoured species, and the disadvantages of others. A new documentary from the BBC centres around the quintessential pet debate: Dogs vs Cats, and the claws are out. The documentary explores a range of research related to the two popular household pets, providing even more fuel and material

Top Family Dog Breeds

I was introduced to my first family dog as a newborn.  His name was Timmy – a Staffie-cross who used to do crazy things like climb walls and run amok on neighbours roofs ( yes this really happened) followed by Lena – a gorgeous fox terrier cross that I chose from the SPCA with my