As the holiday season approaches, it is time to give dad some of the best apps for his mobile which will absolutely rock his world. Buying him a coffee mug or a box of golf balls is so last year. What you can do instead is to distract him for a couple of minutes, grab his smartphone or tablet and download any of these dad-pleasing applications which are sure to remind him just how cool he is.

RedLaser (iOS, Android, Windows)

There are few things any dad loves better than a great deal. With RedLaser, he can now scan barcodes and then find the best prices as well as great promotions on offer at thousands of local and online retailers. This app also provides a lot of useful extra information that includes maps and store hours and allows dad to send gift wish lists as well! Because RedLaser allows in-app purchases, he does not even have to leave his easy chair to buy any item that tickles his fancy.

HomeTeam (iOS)

HomeTeam AppNo matter whether dad is coach of the little league team or simply just his kid’s number one fan, HomeTeam is sure to make sports-parenting a cinch. It is a handy app that organizes the kids’ busy sports schedules and also tracks team rosters, addresses and phone numbers. For a multi-team tasking dad, HomeTeam will show a unified schedule that contains all teams’ practice dates and games. HomeTeam is also an excellent app for organizing car pools and offering directions to games. HomeTeam definitely scores high on the best Apps list.

Evernote (iOS, Android, Windows)

If dad needs to take all manner of notes that are necessary to get his parenting tasks or work done, it is important to have a note-taking app that can be synchronized across all his devices. Evernote is an app that is a leader in this space. It has a free account that allows dad to install the app on two devices and any browser as well as affordable paid plans for extra devices. Users of the free plan do get access to some pretty nifty features, including the ability to search for text within images.

Withings Health Mate (iOS, Android)

Withings Health Mate is the ideal companion for any dad who wants to lose a few pounds, monitor his blood pressure, get in shape or simply sleep better. The app tracks weight and blood pressure via the Withings Smart Scale or Smart BP Monitor apps. There is also the option to enter data into the app manually. He can then share the information collected with a loved one (for support) or a doctor (to receive guidance and medical advice). Featuring eye-catching graphs and charts, the app is sure to keep dad happy and healthy.

HealthMate App

FanFinder (iOS)

Whenever game time rolls around, does dad always have a fight on his hands for a piece of the couch or the TV remote? If this is the case, he can find relief in FanFinder – an app that even helps him locate his friends! This is a sports-centric application that utilizes GPS technology to find out his whereabouts and let him know where other fans in his area are watching his favorite sports team. Because the app is programmed with the locations of thousands of sports bars as well as their main sports team affiliations, dad can find the fastest route to a fan-friendly location. Now, whenever dad needs to take a break, he can quickly find somewhere to watch the game with his friends.

Fan Finder App

Cool Guy (iOS, Android)

Cool Guy is the men’s version of the popular fashion app Stylish Girl. Cool Guy allows dad to create outfits, search through his closet to create a particular look and to pack for long trips. There is an included news section which offers him the latest fashion news from magazines and blogs and it also has a shopping feature that allows the creation of a wish list.

Cool Guy - Best Apps

Car Minder Plus (iOS)

Now that Car Minder Plus is installed on his iPhone or tablet, dad can finally stop worrying about the family cars. It is the perfect application for logging repair records, managing auto maintenance schedules, tracking fuel economy and much more. Dad never again has to wonder if the car needs new windshield wipers, tire rotation or an oil change because the application tracks everything within a simple to use interface. Car Minder Plus also tracks a vehicle’s gas consumption and produces detailed graphics that show most recent mileage, fill ups and average mileage.

ESPN ScoreCenter (iOS, Android, Windows)

Make sure dad stays up to date on all the sports scores, standings and news from all the major leagues, players and teams from across the world in real time with ESPN ScoreCenter. He can use the app to personalize news and video highlights as well as the scoreboard by picking his favorite athletes or teams. Previous scores and upcoming games can be found quickly and easily in the calendar view. There are also alerts that inform him of real time scores and news, so he can share with his friends and family.

ESPN ScoreCenter

Elevatr Elevatr (iOS, Android)

Are you tired of dad waxing lyrical about his brilliant, million dollar ideas without ever putting them into action? Elevatr is the perfect app for the creative dad who is convinced that he is working on the Next Big Thing. It is an easy to navigate mobile app that builds a traditional business plan for him to shape his great ideas into something that can be easily communicated to angels and Venture Capitalists. The app stores ideas in one place, organizes the input, collects feedback, creates notes and adds multimedia content. By helping dad bring his ideas to life, who knows, you might be the heir to the next big business empire!

These are just some of the best apps for dads, so hurry up and start downloading some of these cool apps for your dad so he can quickly become the hippest in town!